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okay guys so i never lost the weight that i gained like… last christmas, right? it was only like a few pounds which escalated to five by this summer which doesn’t seem terrible but it’s kind of a lot for someone who’s kind of little to begin with.

well, then i went on the cruise and to paris and i could TELL while i was there that i’d gained weight. honestly i was expecting to come back like 10 pounds heavier but in reaility i only gained about three pounds so i didn’t feel as bad.

but that means i’m like eight pounds up from where i want to be. so i’ve been working out all week and i’ve been working out SUPER hard but i keep indulging on food because a.) it’s my favorite thing ever and like the best part of my day no lie because i’m really sad like that and b.) i really missed all of these foods while i was in europe for like seven weeks. so my weight keeps fluctuating. like, i went down three pounds and i keep gaining it and losing it depending on what i eat so this morning i’m like seven/eight pounds again from where i want to be.

BUT OKAY. here is the dilemma. today i really fucking wanted to make these butterbeer cupcakes that i saw on tumblr yesterday (recipe here: sweet baby jesus don’t they look good) but i know they probably have like a million calories in them and i might be eating them for days and i’ll gain even more weight but SO GOOD.

originally i’d told myself i’d officially start eating better next week, giving myself a full week (and an extra weekend) to eat all of the american food i want, but i’m not sure i will actually follow that rule. but maybe. i can be good about that stuff when i put my mind to it. so ANYWAY, i’m leaving you guys to decide while i’m at the gym. should i make the cupcakes or not?!?! HALP. 

  1. talliia said: I agree with what marimmsl said. :)
  2. thesilentspy said: YES. YES. EAT CUPCAKES. GIMME CUPCAKES.
  3. marimmsl said: Make the cupcakes & enjoy them. Keep working out, & balance your meals. If the cupcakes are your only big dessert than that’s good because that’s your source of sweets your body needs. (and I love cupcakes so I can’t go against them ahaha.) =]
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